A unique collection of hand-made Scottish tweed teddy bears.

The bears and their clothing are designed and created in our workshop at Neptune’s Staircase on the tow-path of the Caledonian Canal under the shadow of Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain.


The bear’s design are inspired by images from past rural Scottish life and of course include the tweeds and clan tartans that have been used in the kingdom for centuries..

red and gold beaded bracelet

Established 10 years ago and moving from the Hebrides back to the Highlands, Caledonian Bears have emerged as a family business creating specialist teddy bears.

Brown Bear Plush Toy

These bears generate interest amongst discerning collectors and individuals looking for that unique and charming gift.

Featured in both Country Living Magazine and Teddy Bear Times UK, the bears have developed a loyal following internationally and within the UK. The quality of both workmanship and material take Caledonian Bears beyond simply a novelty or toy and provide the customer with an opportunity to invest in a future family heirloom.